How To Work With Freelancers

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How To Work With Freelancers
How To Work With Freelancers

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Remote work technologies (freelancing) are in many ways analogous to labor for hire. A freelancer solves the same tasks as an employee executed under an employment contract. At the same time, an employee who is not under the direct control of the employer is not quite a desirable person for many employers. But all these problems are completely solvable.

Remote work (freelance)
Remote work (freelance)

It is necessary

  • - computer, tablet or other similar equipment;
  • - Internet access;
  • - telephone for communication.


Step 1

Find freelance resources online. Register on it as an employer or customer. Fill in all the profile data as detailed as possible and create a test task. Pay attention not only to major remote work exchanges, but also to groups on social networks, personal blogs of freelancers and other similar resources.

Step 2

Submit remote hiring advertisements to local and global message boards, newspapers and magazines. In the announcements, inform about the need for each candidate to pass the test task. As you study the answers to it, do not be distracted and do not start selecting candidates in a bad mood. Otherwise, you will definitely be biased.

Step 3

Choose from freelancers who responded to the vacancy and completed the test task, determine the most worthy one. Pay or otherwise reward all the other performers and be sure to unsubscribe to everyone why he does not suit you. In doing so, thoroughly avoid derogatory and accusatory language. Doing so will make you and your company look like an even more attractive employer. In addition, do not exclude the possibility of hiring these performers in the future. After all, their professionalism will develop day by day.

Step 4

Call the selected performer and conduct a consultation conversation. Ask him to show off his personal blogs, social media profiles, notes, and other online posts. Feel free to chat with his acquaintances to find out more about him. If the freelancer refuses to provide such information, do not partner with him. A real freelancer tries to be in the public eye everywhere and everywhere; he uses every opportunity to create and promote his portfolio.

Step 5

Enter into a verbal or written agreement with the selected remote worker. At the same time, try to provide for all the nuances in the contract, write down fines and incentives. After all, a remote worker will fulfill his obligations, being sealed with them by only one contract and word of honor.

Step 6

Discuss the plan and scope of work with the hired freelancer, discuss possible difficulties and ways to solve them. At the same time, give him more freedom of action than an office worker of a similar professional profile. And do not overload the employee with the same type of tedious work. Most likely, this is what forced him to start a freelance life.

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