How To Make A Change To An Employment Contract

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How To Make A Change To An Employment Contract
How To Make A Change To An Employment Contract

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Clarity and clarity are important in documents. Therefore, in order to formalize a change in an employment contract, you need to be careful. It is important to follow all the stages of translation and correctly draw up all the necessary documents. This will avoid many misunderstandings and troubles.

How to make a change to an employment contract
How to make a change to an employment contract

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Step 1

A change in an employment contract may be made when an employee is transferred to another position, a change in salary, place of work, as well as in the event of a change in other essential terms of the contract, provided that future changes do not lead to a worsening of the employee's position in comparison with the Labor Code and other legislative acts. Changes are made by signing an additional agreement to the employment contract and an order.

Step 2

The basis for making changes to the employment contract is the employee's statement after he has familiarized himself with all the conditions of the upcoming changes. If it is a salary increase, an employee application is not required. The application must be written in the name of the highest official of the organization or its structural unit, and also contain the last name, first name, patronymic, the position of the employee with an indication of the department, the very essence of the application (about transfer to a new position, about transfer to a new place of work, etc..). The signature of the employee is put under the text of the application and the date is indicated. The document goes through the endorsement procedure in accordance with the internal rules of the organization, but it must be signed by a senior official or a person performing his duties.

Step 3

On the basis of an employee's application (or an order of a senior official, if it concerns a salary increase), an agreement is drawn up to amend the employment contract. The agreement must be drawn up in the same form as the contract. For an employment contract, this is a simple written form, which means that the agreement must also be drawn up in writing. In the agreement, be sure to indicate the place and time of its signing, surnames, names, patronymics and positions of the signers, as well as the number and date of the employment contract itself. In the text, indicate all the main provisions on which an agreement is to be reached. The agreement is drawn up in two copies (one for each of the parties) and sealed with the signatures and seal of the organization.

Step 4

An order is drawn up on the basis of an additional agreement. There is no unified order form. It is drawn up in any form, but it must necessarily have a number and date, the signature of the senior official, as well as the signature of the employee confirming his familiarization with the order.

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