How To Register In St. Petersburg

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How To Register In St. Petersburg
How To Register In St. Petersburg

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Registration in St. Petersburg when moving from another region is an important part of settling in a new place. Registration is required to get a job, to obtain a driver's license, a passport and much more, which makes a person a full-fledged citizen of the city.

How to register in St. Petersburg
How to register in St. Petersburg


Step 1

Determine the address where you will register. By law, registration is done at the place of stay. In practice, it turns out that a citizen is registered where the consent of the homeowners is obtained. From relatives or friends. Usually registration is done for six months or a year. It is possible for a longer period by agreement with the owners.

Step 2

Apply for registration to the Department of Settlement and Registration of your area. In St. Petersburg, each district has such a service. Departments work on a schedule, so find out the work schedule before you go to submit documents.

Step 3

Prepare the documents required for registration. The owner must take the title deed for the dwelling. It is a certificate of state registration of rights for privatized apartments or a social tenancy agreement for non-privatized apartments. A photocopy is required. The owner and the person being moved must have their passports with them. If there are several owners, the personal presence of each is necessary. In the department, you will need to fill out several documents - an application from the owner of a residential premises, your application, form No. 7, an agreement for the gratuitous use of a residential premises or a lease agreement. Forms are issued on the spot in the inspector's window. Samples are usually hung on the wall.

Step 4

Obtain documents from the police department at the place of registration. Temporary registration - a form with your data and the red seal of the Federal Migration Service. When registering at the place of stay, a permanent registration stamp remains in the passport.

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