How To Charge Sick Leave In Kazakhstan

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How To Charge Sick Leave In Kazakhstan
How To Charge Sick Leave In Kazakhstan

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By order of the Chairman of the Agency for Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 29, 2000, the basis for the payment of benefits for temporary disability is a sick leave, which is issued by a state body in the field of health care.

How to charge sick leave in Kazakhstan
How to charge sick leave in Kazakhstan


Step 1

In accordance with Article 159 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK), the employer is obliged to pay temporary disability benefits at his own expense. Payments are made from the first day of incapacity for work until its full recovery or disability. The procedure for the appointment and payment of benefits is established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the Labor Code.

Step 2

Calculate the monthly temporary disability allowance for a specific employee. It is defined as the product of the average daily earnings and the number of days payable on sick leave. Average wages are calculated for the actual hours worked during the billing period (24 months). If a person does not have such experience or has not had a salary for a long time, the calculation is made on the basis of the minimum wage (MW). The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the Republican Budget for 2011-2013" established the minimum wage of 15,999 tenge.

Step 3

The amount of the monthly allowance should not exceed ten times the monthly calculation index (10 MCI). Find out how to correctly determine the monthly calculation index (MCI), which is used in the Republic of Kazakhstan when calculating the amount of benefits. From January 1, 2011, the law established a coefficient of 1512 tenge.

Step 4

When calculating the average wage, consider the average hourly wage, which is calculated by dividing the accrued wages for the entire period of work by the number of hours in the same period. In Kazakhstan, wages are considered income at the time of accrual, regardless of when this income is received.

Step 5

Calculate the temporary disability benefit depending on the length of service of the employee. The amount of payment for an employee whose insurance experience is eight years or more is equal to 100% of the average earnings, with 5-8 years of experience - 80% of the average earnings; a person who has worked for less than 5 years is paid 60% of the average earnings.

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