How To Get Sick Leave

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How To Get Sick Leave
How To Get Sick Leave

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You are sick and cannot go to work. But how do you get a newsletter if you cannot leave your home for health reasons or are heading for a spa treatment? But you never know there are situations in life when a sick leave is needed …

How to get sick leave
How to get sick leave


Step 1

Contact the local polyclinic, take a coupon for visiting a therapist. Visit a therapist, complain about health problems. The therapist will write you a referral to the registry or refer you to a specialist who is in charge of your illness. After the examination and diagnosis, take the doctor's opinion and go to the registry, where they will write you a sick leave, which you will close when you recover.

Step 2

If you are unable to get to the clinic, call your local doctor or specialist (for example, a neurologist) at home. Call the health center or ask a relative (if possible) to call the doctor. After the initial examination, the therapist (or another specialist called to your home) will write out a certificate and referral to the registry, according to which you can open a sick leave if the doctor sets you an appointment time directly at the clinic. If you cannot leave the house during the whole illness, then a sick leave will be issued to you by the decision of the medical commission on the conclusion of the doctor.

Step 3

By the decision of the medical commission, the validity of the bulletin may be extended if the doctor sent you for follow-up treatment to state sanatoriums, dispensaries or resorts belonging to the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

Step 4

If you have been in contact with infectious patients, immediately contact your attending physician or infectious disease doctor, who will give you a bulletin during quarantine. The terms of the sick leave are determined only by the infectious disease doctor, depending on the timing of the isolation of the sick person with whom you were in contact.

Step 5

If your child is sick, then you can get a bulletin from the pediatrician who monitors the course of the disease in your child only if the child is attending kindergarten.

Step 6

If one of your family members is found to be incapacitated, get a sick leave from your relative's doctor.

Step 7

Remember that even if you are currently unemployed, the attending physician can also issue you a temporary disability certificate. But for this you must be registered with the labor and employment service at your place of residence.

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