What To Do If They Are Not Appreciated At Work

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What To Do If They Are Not Appreciated At Work
What To Do If They Are Not Appreciated At Work

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High labor motivation is due to a variety of factors - from high wages to a favorable climate in the team. Recognition of the employee's merits is also an important motivational incentive. If a person is not appreciated or respected by peers and the leader, he or she feels inferior and his performance can drop noticeably. If this is your case, try to change the situation in your favor.

What to do if they are not appreciated at work
What to do if they are not appreciated at work

Why do we need a positive assessment of the employee's performance

If the employee is appreciated by the management and the team, he opens up broad career prospects, working conditions become more comfortable, and wages grow steadily. In addition, a person who is respected in the team has the opportunity to creatively approach tasks, i.e. he has more ways to fulfill himself. And since self-realization and self-expression is the top of the pyramid of human hierarchical needs, the need for recognition from the employee is almost always high.

There can be many reasons why you are not appreciated at work. And they can be both objective, i.e. really existing and subjective, i.e. far-fetched. Objective reasons include incompetence, tendency to make mistakes, inattention, laziness, etc. The subjective reason can be age (too young and old colleagues are often neglected), personal rejection, etc.

How to make yourself appreciate and respect

In order to be appreciated for your professional qualities, you need to clearly show them. Work hard, improve your skills, raise your professional level. Since highly skilled workers are valued much more, master any operations that improve your qualifications.

Learn to present the results of your work correctly and do not allow them to be appropriated to another person. It is sometimes helpful to focus management's attention on the challenges you faced in completing the assignment and how you successfully overcame them. Modesty is good, but only in moderation. Plus, if you don't focus on achievement, management is likely to only learn about your mistakes, which is unlikely to be of any benefit to you.

Be a man of action - don't allow yourself to make promises, but don't keep them. If you worked hard, but you did not succeed in achieving a good result, before reporting to the management, analyze the reasons for the failure and immediately after the report make good suggestions to correct the situation.

Build relationships with colleagues. A person who is unpleasant to people who work with him will never be appreciated and respected. Be neat, polite, respond to requests for help, participate in corporate events.

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