Why Are They Not Hired?

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Why Are They Not Hired?
Why Are They Not Hired?

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Sometimes in life there are situations when a person tries to find a job for a very long time and persistently, but he does not succeed, since the employers refuse him. There can be many reasons for this.

Why are they not hired?
Why are they not hired?


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It's no secret that even students are starting to earn extra money nowadays. They are looking for work already in their first year. However, few of them manage to fully combine part-time work with study, since the latter always suffers more. The language will not turn to condemn anyone. Only the first reason why a person is not hired, or, as an option, is hired, but with great reluctance, is precisely his study. No employer would even want to let his subordinate go to an off-duty session twice a year.

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The second culprit of chronic unemployment may be some of your "cute" habits and character traits. Both presentable appearance and other personal data can remain invariably with you, unless you harm yourself with excessive fervor, maximalism in assessments, inability to restrain yourself - especially where others clench their teeth and remain silent. So "truth-seekers" and "legalists" risk being left in the outside world for their entire adult life.

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As Famusov used to say from Griboyedov's comedy "Woe from Wit": "I walked into a room - I ended up in another." In other words, a person has been looking for himself for too long and stubbornly does not want to do an unloved business. On the one hand, there is a certain limitation in this, on the other - loyalty to life principles. But, whatever the excuse, the fact remains that there is no work.

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The fourth reason for the refusal of the employer is a large number of "show-off" in combination with terry unprofessionalism. But it will not be difficult for an employer to identify this last factor. Even at the interview, he will give a simple task for the vacancy for which a person is applying. Here it is, the same litmus test for aptitude.

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And finally, very often people are not hired when they reach a certain age. Sometimes the situation even reaches the point of absurdity: for example, the vacancy says that a candidate up to 25 years old with ten years of work experience is needed. And after all, not a single company is recognized! Be that as it may, in any case, may you all be lucky with employment!

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