What To Say In An Interview

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What To Say In An Interview
What To Say In An Interview

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Competent interview behavior is one of the determining factors in hiring. HR managers look not only at how a person answers questions, but also at his manner of communication, literacy of speech, speed of reaction, etc. All this is assessed and entered into the questionnaire.

What to say in an interview
What to say in an interview

How to behave in an interview

During the interview, you should be open and friendly, but not "suck up" to the employers. Always remember that they need you as much as you need a job. Imagine yourself as a professional with many job offers. So that hr-managers understand that their company is not the only one who wants to get such a valuable employee. Show that you have the ability to choose. Be confident in yourself, answer employers' questions in detail, try to show how much knowledge you have in your profession.

Dress smartly for your job interview. A formal suit and a light-colored shirt will help when applying for any position. This appearance shows that you are a serious person, ready for productive work.

What not to talk about in a job interview

Frankness in interviews is encouraged, but you shouldn't mention any negative aspects of your work. Talk about mistakes, being late for work, etc. You can also not voice the reason for dismissal if it was non-standard. If the record “… of your own free will” is entered in the work book, it is better to voice the option that there was no career opportunity at the previous job, or even just say that due to the move to a new place of residence, the office turned out to be too far from home. These reasons for dismissal speak of the applicant as a person who values ​​his time, is ready to grow and develop, to work for the good of the company.

You shouldn't say bad things about the previous company, even if they didn't do very well with you there. Complaints about your past employer characterize you as a conflicted person and not only will not help triple your new position, but will also prevent it.

Don't be late for your interview! This alone can disappoint the future employer and he will prefer another candidate.

What to talk about in an interview

Prepare to meet with interviewers. You can take your portfolio with you to make the story of your accomplishments more descriptive. It is a great indicator of your success. By displaying texts and photos, it will be much easier to build a conversation. You don't have to prove something, all your skills will be documented. Tell us about how you have achieved such results, how you are worth your working day, what is necessary for successful activities. Such a responsible approach, even at the interview stage, will help persuade the employer to decide to hire you.

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