How To Validate Your Diploma In Germany

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How To Validate Your Diploma In Germany
How To Validate Your Diploma In Germany

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A national educational diploma will not be considered valid in Germany. The statute of the official document will give it confirmation. Nostrification is a procedure that confirms documents on higher and postgraduate professional education abroad. Without it, it is impossible to get a qualified job in your specialty.

How to validate your diploma in Germany
How to validate your diploma in Germany

Why confirm your diploma in Germany

In order to engage in professional activities in Germany, you need to confirm your diploma. Sometimes academic recognition is also needed. This is possible when a cooperation agreement is concluded between the country of receipt of the educational certificate and Germany. But most often they ask for confirmation of professional activity.

There is a difference between higher education institutions in Russia and Germany. Some of them are recognized in both countries (H +). Others have changed their status (H-) for today. Places without a specific status (H +/-) belong to the third group.

Representatives of some professions must pass the state exam to recognize their qualifications. This includes lawyers, healthcare professionals, social workers, and a few others. If some profession or qualification is not on the list, then it is not necessary to confirm it.

To apply, you need to provide the following documents:

- statement;

- translation of a school certificate;

- translation of all diplomas with inserts;

- certified copies of all certificates and diplomas;

- an autobiography in the form of a table;

- a certificate from the police.

Translations are certified by a notary. It is necessary to apply with the application to the district administration at the place of residence. The fee for the application processing service is about 30 euros. A qualified specialist works with each person. You can contact him for clarification of any questions that arise.

The result of considering the application may be different. From full or partial confirmation of the diploma to equating it with the applicant. Non-recognition is also possible. Then you will be offered courses or workshops. With their help, it will be possible to complete their studies or improve their qualifications.

Each document is analyzed by a commission. She examines the diploma in accordance with the standards and regulations of the local education. They are different for each specialty. Here, of course, the authenticity of the document is important. As well as the type and accreditation of the educational institution. Determine what subjects and in how many hours were studied. The total length of study, the number of coursework and practice hours also matter.

Each federal state of Germany has an organization specializing in the confirmation of foreign diplomas. Therefore, your documents, along with the application, must be sent to the federal land where you expect to get a job.

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