How To Get A Work Permit In Germany

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How To Get A Work Permit In Germany
How To Get A Work Permit In Germany

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A significant part of the inhabitants of Russia who want to go abroad seek to settle in Germany. Indeed, it is a highly developed European country with one of the most powerful economies in the world and with good living conditions. But to work on its territory, you need to obtain a work permit. How can this be done?

How to get a work permit in Germany
How to get a work permit in Germany

It is necessary

  • - international passport;
  • - an invitation to work;
  • - a copy of the work book;
  • - diplomas of education;
  • - insurance policy;
  • - a certificate from the labor agency.


Step 1

Decide what kind of work you want to do in Germany. The type of permission you need to get depends on this. There are three of them - for long-term, short-term work and for an au-pair - a housekeeper.

Step 2

Find an employer who is ready to employ you. This can be done through an international recruiting agency or by contacting the organization directly. There are special websites for employing au-pairs, for example There you can find the contacts of the host family and get in touch with them. If both parties are satisfied, you will be sent an invitation.

Step 3

Collect the required documents. Get your passport if you haven't done so before. To do this, you will need to contact the district office of the Federal Migration Service. You will also need to complete an employment contract or receive an invitation to work from the host organization. In addition, the German employer must send you a certificate from the Labor Agency, which expresses its consent to the issuance of a work permit to you. Remember that all documents, except for the passport, must be translated into German and notarized. Also, you need to make two copies of each paper.

Step 4

Take out an insurance policy that is valid for at least three months. This can be done at any major insurance company. Attach a copy to the rest of your documents. Also, take from the website of the embassy and fill out the application form for entering work. Print it in duplicate and add your photo.

Step 5

Sign up for submission of documents to the German Embassy. There are several of them in Russia, you must choose the one that is closer to your place of residence.

Step 6

Come at the appointed time to the embassy in person with all the papers. Pay the fee, which is 60 euros for 2011.

Step 7

If the decision is positive, you will receive the documents on the appointed day. A special visa will be glued into your passport. For an au-pair, it will be a work permit. In other cases, after arriving in Germany, you will need to contact your employer to clarify the need for further administrative procedures.

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