How To Find Out The Legal Address By TIN

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How To Find Out The Legal Address By TIN
How To Find Out The Legal Address By TIN

Video: How To Find Out The Legal Address By TIN

Video: How To Find Out The Legal Address By TIN
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When registering an organization, a prerequisite is its tax registration. To do this, the management of the company must provide the tax authorities with information of the following content: organizational and legal form, name, legal and actual addresses, information about the management team, etc. All data is registered in the unified state register of taxpayers, after which the organization is assigned a TIN, which in the future can be used to obtain the necessary information about the company, incl. her details.

How to find out the legal address by TIN
How to find out the legal address by TIN

Search engines

It is possible to find out the address of the organization by TIN on the Internet through a search engine. To do this, you need to specify an identification number in the search box for Yandex or Google. As a result of the search, links to third-party databases will be found, where, in addition to the legal address, you can find registration data of organizations, information about founders, financial indicators and various events related to the activities of companies. This way of finding an address is only suitable for legal entities. If you need a legal address of a company registered as an individual entrepreneur, then this search method is unlikely to give a result.

Unified State Register

Free information about organizations can be found in electronic databases of tax authorities posted on the Internet. The Unified Federal Register of Legal Entities is posted on the official website and is freely available. On this resource, an advanced search is implemented, by which you can find out the legal address of an organization by its name or by TIN. The disadvantage of this site is that the information is posted only on legal entities.

The legal address of companies, regardless of their organizational and legal form, can be found on the official website of the federal tax service Search on the site is carried out according to two criteria: "Legal entity" and "Individual entrepreneur / KFH". To search for information, you must specify one or more of the known data:

- OGRN or TIN;

- the name of the organization or the full name of the individual entrepreneur;

- region of residence or place of residence.

In practice, the legal and actual addresses of legal entities often do not coincide. For individual entrepreneurs, the address of the registration of the entrepreneur acts as a legal address.

Extract from the state register

The details of the organization, including the legal address, can be obtained by making a request to the tax office. Within five days, the tax authority must provide a written statement obtained from the unified state register of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs (USRLE or USRIP).

Yur. to persons, the TIN is assigned when the organization is registered with the tax inspectorate. When registering an individual entrepreneur, the tax number is used faces. That is why 2 databases are used in tax accounting: the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and the Unified State Register of Legal Entities

This service is provided for a fee. To obtain an extract, you should contact any tax authority by writing an application in any form and attaching a receipt of payment. A standard statement will cost 200 rubles, but an urgent request, which will be provided no later than the next day from the date of application, will cost 400 rubles.