How To Achieve A Major Overhaul In The House

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How To Achieve A Major Overhaul In The House
How To Achieve A Major Overhaul In The House

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Many, regularly and paying utility bills on a monthly basis, have been waiting for a major overhaul of the house for decades, and often unsuccessfully, and all because the norms of housing and communal services are inherent in a kind of vagueness and contradiction. Often, having heard the appeal of citizens about a major overhaul, housing offices simply keep silent or transfer tenants from one to another state body. How to achieve overhaul in the house, and is it possible in modern living conditions?

How to achieve a major overhaul in the house
How to achieve a major overhaul in the house


Step 1

In accordance with the legislation, major repairs of the house must be carried out once every 10-15 years. Responsible for the repair of the house by the housing office or the companies chosen by him, as well as the HOA, if the tenants of the house have concluded an appropriate contract and have chosen this form of management. However, no matter what form of management you choose, the state is to a greater extent responsible for the overhaul of the house, since it allocates 95% of the funds from the budget. That is why the task of tenants when they are required to carry out major repairs is to receive, first of all, money from the state.

Step 2

Gather all homeowners and hold a meeting, discuss how much money you are willing to raise, and who will be responsible for collecting and contacting the appropriate authorities.

Step 3

Contact the ZhEK (management company) in person or by phone. If you contact by phone, you need to make an application for a major overhaul, indicating the house number, your passport details and substantiate your application. In this case, do not forget to write down the personal data (name, position, phone number) of the person who accepted your application. If you fill out a written application, then it must be drawn up to the head of the housing office and register (record) the transfer in the corresponding journal of the secretary.

Step 4

Wait for the master of the site, who is obliged to come and draw up an act of inspection of the house on the day of your application. The act is drawn up in two copies, one of which is given to you, and the other is taken away.

Step 5

If the site technician did not appear to draw up the act within a few days, it is necessary to write a claim in two copies to the name of the head of the ZhEK, indicating your address and phone number, take one copy personally against receipt to the specified person, and submit the second to the housing and communal department. As stipulated by the Law, within 30 days after the filing of such an application, the officials to whom it was filed must give you their answer in writing.

Step 6

Apply with a civil claim to the magistrate (court of first instance) in the event that there was no response within the prescribed time frame and your application was not considered.

Step 7

If the housing office requires a considerable amount of money from the residents of the house for major repairs (unfortunately, the exact prices for this type of work are not fixed anywhere), demand a receipt and make all payments only through the bank. If the quality of the work performed by the ZhEK does not suit you and, moreover, is disgusting, it is necessary to conduct a special examination and apply with it to the court of first instance in order for the latter to oblige the ZhEK to fix all problems at its own expense.

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