How To Export Your Paintings Abroad

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How To Export Your Paintings Abroad
How To Export Your Paintings Abroad

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Many artists face the problem of realizing their paintings. In particular, when it comes to exporting artwork abroad. In order to bring a picture abroad, you need to get a certificate confirming that the picture is not a cultural value.

How to export your paintings abroad
How to export your paintings abroad


  • - application to the department of culture at the place of residence;
  • - photocopy of the passport;
  • - a list of exported paintings;
  • - photographs of paintings;
  • - a certificate confirming the possibility of exporting the painting abroad.


Step 1

The export of paintings abroad is regulated by the Law of the Russian Federation "On the Export and Import of Cultural Property". To export paintings abroad, you need to get a certificate stating that your paintings do not represent historical and national value. According to Russian law, such paintings are works dated to the last 50 years.

Step 2

A certificate authorizing the export of paintings abroad can be obtained from the culture committee of your city. Before exporting the paintings, you need to make copies of your passport, photograph the exported works and bring all this together with the paintings to the Committee of Culture.

Step 3

To obtain a certificate, you must also draw up a list of exported cultural items. That is, indicate the full name of the the author of the painting, its name, year of creation, the technique in which it was made, and dimensions (in centimeters).

Step 4

If necessary, you also need to take care of the power of attorney for the execution of documents, documents confirming ownership and documents proving the value of the paintings (if any). The culture committee will make you a paid examination to determine the cultural value of your painting and will issue a document authorizing the export of the painting abroad. Now you can send the painting along with this document by courier service or take it out yourself.

Step 5

Please note that you need to get this certificate even when you sell your paintings through intermediaries or an art gallery. However, this requirement applies only to the export of paintings. In the case of exporting paper paintings or photographs abroad, there should be no such problems.

Step 6

Items that are of historical, artistic, scientific or other cultural value (as a rule, they are included in a special security register), paintings and exhibits stored in state and municipal museums and archives, cultural values ​​created over 100 years ago are not subject to export. … The ban on the export of paintings on other grounds is not allowed.

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