Homework - Cheating Or A Real Way To Make Money

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Homework - Cheating Or A Real Way To Make Money
Homework - Cheating Or A Real Way To Make Money

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Home-based work has always existed, but access to it was limited at the legislative level. Now official employment is not necessary, and the domestic labor market has become available to everyone, including fraudsters.

Real earnings
Real earnings

Home work can be divided into two types according to the type of product being created. Work on the creation of an information product involves the use of a computer and the Internet. It will take raw materials, technology, and hands to create a physical product.

On the creation of both types of products, you can earn real, though not the most huge amount of money. But in both cases, there is a risk of facing outright fraud.

Consumer goods production and cheating options

Guaranteed absence of deception - sewing and knitting, provided that there is a studied sales market, preferably mastered independently. If an intermediary appears in the work, then the risks increase.

Traditional cheating is gift wrapping, assembling ballpoint pens, gluing envelopes, making soap or candles, growing oyster mushrooms. All these types of earnings involve the supply of raw materials and the delivery of consumables. This is what the scammers are mainly betting on. The potential employee is asked to pay for delivery services, as well as make "insurance payments" in case the order is not ready on time, while it is guaranteed that the insurance will be returned with the first salary.

Needless to say, the cooperation ends with the delivery of incomprehensible equipment and the insurance premium.

For the production of candles and soaps, special molds are required. In this situation, the goal of the scammers is to implement these very forms at a cost exceeding the real one, and to pay for a consulting course. At the same time, the sale of the goods remains the concern of the manufacturer.

The only sure way to protect yourself from this kind of fraud is to break through the information on the Internet. In addition, it is necessary to study the possibility of selling the goods. It is unlikely that homemade candles and soap can compete with professional products, especially in volumes sufficient to solve their own material problems.

Production of information products

Many copywriters make money on creating content for websites, and this income is one of the most reliable on the Internet. But fraudulent schemes are also present in this system. They are designed for beginners who do not have markets for their products. A test task is sent to the applicant's mail - transcribe a disc, type scanned text, draw a graph - there are many options. In this case, you must at least pay the cost of the disc, and some "employers" are asked to pay a small amount of insurance. As a result, the applicant acquires an unnecessary disk, pays money practically for air, and does the job for free. The fraudster gets money for his bonus, throws off the stale goods, gets a "free" job.

To avoid fraud, you need to learn the only rule - no prepayment to the customer.

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