What Is The Best Way To Take A Vacation At Work

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What Is The Best Way To Take A Vacation At Work
What Is The Best Way To Take A Vacation At Work
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Even from your favorite work you need to take a break from time to time, so vacations are usually looked forward to. To get the maximum pleasure and benefit from the rest, you need to go into it correctly.

What is the best way to take a vacation from work
What is the best way to take a vacation from work


Step 1

First of all, decide what is more important to you: more free days or the material side of the issue, that is, good vacation pay. It depends on which month and from which day it is better to rest.

Step 2

The right to the first paid vacation arises after 6 months of continuous work at the company. Its total duration is 28 calendar days. You can take it in whole or in parts, one of which must be at least 14 days.

Step 3

Use the remaining days at your discretion and in any amount depending on your rest needs. You can go in a non-standard way: after walking the first 14 days, fill out a vacation application for each of the remaining days, ask the employer for 1 day off, and you will get 3 weeks of good rest. However, keep in mind that the HR department and accounting department are unlikely to be happy with this development of events, since their workflow for your vacation will increase significantly.

Step 4

Please note that non-working holidays are not included in the number of calendar days of vacation, so they can be spent later, or you can calculate the beginning and end of the holiday taking them into account.

Step 5

Going on vacation for 14 days, write a statement from Monday, and your vacation will begin on the evening of the previous Friday. If you have already walked 2 weeks and want to use the rest of your vacation, take it from Monday to Friday of the next week. Thus, you will spend 12 days due to you, in fact you will rest 16, and in addition, you will leave 2 days in reserve.

Step 6

It is very convenient to take a short vacation of 4-5 days during the May holidays. Apply for weekdays from May 1 to May 9, take into account the weekend shifts, and you will receive 10-11 free days. You can act in the same way on other holidays, adding it to the long weekend.

Step 7

If you are interested in good cash payments, take a vacation from Saturday to Sunday: weekends are included in the calculation of vacation pay.

Step 8

With loyal management of the enterprise, employees can rest for 28 days continuously. Take this opportunity if your employer allows you to take the whole vacation. But remember: when you go on vacation, you will receive money for its entire duration, and in the next one you can only count on payments for the number of days actually worked, which in this case can be from 1 to 3.

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