What Is The Best Way To Design A Consumer Corner

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What Is The Best Way To Design A Consumer Corner
What Is The Best Way To Design A Consumer Corner

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The consumer's corner is a small-sized stand where the most valuable and necessary legal papers for the buyer (consumer) can be found. The appearance of the corner and its content is not stipulated by any normative act, however, the inspection bodies pay special attention to it, requiring that, in addition to the established minimum of information, there are some other materials.

consumer corner
consumer corner


Step 1

Decide on the size of your stand. It should be calculated depending on the premises, the amount of information for consumers that your company, organization, salon, store, etc. will offer.

Step 2

Think about how many cells the stand will contain. At the same time, remember that the consumer's corner should be simple and convenient, contain information about your organization (letters, diplomas, certificates, licenses), the coordinates of the heads of higher structures and bodies, as well as the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, a book of complaints and suggestions, all kinds of brochures about promotions, sales, new product or service, etc.

Step 3

Select the desired color (color scheme). Order the production of a stand.

Hang the finished stand in a conspicuous place, usually at the entrance / exit to the room.

Step 4

Title the booth. At the top, in large letters, any of the following expressions should be written at your discretion: "Information for the buyer", "Corner of the consumer", "Information for the consumer", etc. Insert all the necessary documents into the pockets of the stand.

Step 5

Sign each of the pockets according to the document in it. This will allow the consumer to locate the desired book or paper at the specified location.

Step 6

Attach in places without pockets (usually at the top of the stand) using holders, double-sided tape or glue, your licenses, certificates and awards.

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