How To Design A Consumer Corner

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How To Design A Consumer Corner
How To Design A Consumer Corner

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All organizations that sell or provide services to the population, operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, are obliged to provide convenient access to information for every citizen who wants to get acquainted with it. This right is granted to him by the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" Art. 8-11 dated 07.02.1992 No. 2300-1 and other regulatory legal acts. The information stand containing the obligatory information about the company is called "Consumer's Corner". When registering it, you must strictly comply with the requirements of the law.

How to design a consumer corner
How to design a consumer corner


Step 1

First, prepare the documents required for placement at the stand. Since the information that should be provided to the consumer is regulated by several regulatory legal acts, including the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", and some requirements are dictated by regional authorities, focus on the extended list of documents, adjusting the content depending on the type of activity of the enterprise. So, prepare for placement in the "Consumer's Corner":

- a copy of the certificate of state registration of the enterprise;

- a copy of the license for the activities carried out by the organization (if they are subject to licensing);

- a copy of the conclusion on the compliance of the premises with sanitary requirements;

- the text of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights";

- regulations on the rules for the sale of certain types of products (for example, alcohol);

- phone number and address of the consumer protection organization;

- telephones for addressing in case of emergency the organs of civil defense, emergency situations, the Central Internal Affairs Directorate and the FSB;

- a list of categories of citizens eligible for extraordinary service (WWII veterans, disabled people, etc.).

Step 2

Having decided on the list of documents to be placed on the information stand, determine the number of places (special pockets or corners) and determine the approximate size of the shield, which will become the basis for the "Consumer's Corner".

Step 3

Knowing the size and number of documents that will be placed on the stand, order the production of a "Consumer's Corner" according to your size or buy a ready-made one. Advertising and production companies are engaged in the manufacture of such information boards. They have specially designed samples of "Corners" from which it is easy to choose the most suitable for your company.

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