How To Improve Performance When Working At A Computer

How To Improve Performance When Working At A Computer
How To Improve Performance When Working At A Computer

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For all people who have to spend a lot of time at the computer, the question "How to improve efficiency?" This is not surprising - being in front of the monitor for a long time, a person begins to feel tired, his attention is scattered, which negatively affects labor productivity. This is especially true for freelancers, whose income directly depends on their performance.

How to improve performance when working at a computer
How to improve performance when working at a computer

Long-term work at the computer, massive amounts of information, monotonous work, overstrain of brain activity - all this leads to a decrease in the copywriter's performance. As a result, the text gets sluggish, like yellowed fennel, the eye “gets blurred” and does not even notice obvious mistakes. You hand over the order, the customer accepts it, and there are mistakes. And that's all - the reputation is lost.

However, no one canceled the deadline - you cannot explain to the customer that the keyboard was hot, and the brain was "boiling" and therefore the order was not fulfilled.

However, submitting poor-quality work on time is not the best way out. How can you increase your efficiency at least temporarily?

To the rescue of a tired copywriter, squeezed into a tight deadline, aromatherapy comes - inhaling certain aromas that increase vitality.

- Citrus aromas, such as tangerine, orange or grapefruit, increase vitality, relieve drowsiness and improve mood;

- The scent of lavender reduces the number of typos by 20%. In addition, this scent relieves the headache - a copywriter's occupational disease;

- Mellisa, nutmeg, rosemary and lemongrass improve memory;

- Bergamot and incense can quickly get rid of depression;

Lemon is very useful for a copywriter - its aroma allows you to halve the percentage of errors.

How to improve performance - "feed" the brain

To maintain performance, each copywriter should keep the following products handy at all times:

If a spark of thought “went into the ground”, treat yourself to dark chocolate - its effectiveness has long been recognized by all experts. Just a couple of chocolate cubes invigorate the body and set it up for creativity.

You need iron-rich foods to focus your attention. But that doesn't mean you have to keep a few pounds of scrap metal on hand. To replenish iron in the body, it is enough to periodically eat an apple or a piece of Borodino bread.

Do you need to keep a large amount of text in your memory? Stock up on carrots flavored with vegetable oil - the vitamins contained in this root vegetable are fat-soluble.

Products containing B vitamins help improve the perception of new information. Therefore, every copywriter should have nuts, especially walnuts and pine nuts, as well as seafood in the diet.

And how do you, dear readers, stimulate your performance?

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