How To Register A Student For Practice

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How To Register A Student For Practice
How To Register A Student For Practice

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Registration of trainees in an organization always causes many difficulties, because in labor legislation this issue is not directly regulated, there is no specific algorithm of actions, there is no concept of an internship agreement between a trainee and an employer. The following instructions will help employers answer the basic questions that arise when applying for trainees.

How to register a student for practice
How to register a student for practice


Step 1

Make an agreement with the educational institution that the trainee provides. In connection with the terms of the contract concluded by the organization and the educational institution, the employer must create the necessary conditions for the student to undergo industrial practice and provide the trainee with a workplace.

Step 2

The educational institution, in turn, guarantees the student's compliance with the labor discipline established in the organization and the internal regulations.

Step 3

Make an employment contract with the internship student. The educational standard provides for two types of practice: educational and industrial. When passing educational practice, the student usually does not occupy a working position, therefore, it is not necessary to conclude an agreement.

Step 4

If the work corresponds to the characteristics of the specialty received by the student, and there are vacancies in the production, the trainee is accepted into the state and, as a rule, a fixed-term employment contract is concluded.

Step 5

If the trainee has not worked anywhere, he should get a work book and issue an insurance certificate of state pension insurance.

Step 6

If there are no vacancies in the organization, apply for a student to work without being enrolled in the state. In this case, the employment contract between the trainee and the organization is not concluded.

Step 7

The organization signs an order or order on the enrollment of students for industrial practice, which indicates the time of the practice, the terms, the head of the practice is appointed. In this case, the student is not assigned a certain labor function, he performs simple tasks to familiarize himself with the production.

Step 8

Please note that students can do internships at their main place of work. In this case, one should take into account the specialty in which the student studied and the position held by him. In such a situation, the student must submit to his educational institution a document confirming that he is undergoing internship at the place of his work.

Step 9

At the end of the internship, the student must be given a characteristic, which indicates the name of the organization - the place of internship, the date of commencement and completion of the internship, the type of work performed by the trainee, information about the norms of development, recommendations on the assignment of a qualification category, etc.

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