How To Become A Goodwill Ambassador

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How To Become A Goodwill Ambassador
How To Become A Goodwill Ambassador

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It so happened that the voice of a famous person, his opinion can significantly affect a certain target audience. A famous person turns out to be much more effective than others in propaganda and fundraising for various purposes. Recently, it is precisely such people that international organizations have turned to for help and invited them to become ambassadors of goodwill.

How to become a Goodwill Ambassador
How to become a Goodwill Ambassador

Volunteer is not a goodwill ambassador

Do not confuse goodwill ambassadors with volunteer volunteers, who can become almost anyone who meets unpretentious requirements: age from 25 years, higher education and work experience, as well as knowledge of the English language. It is enough for him to apply to the UN Volunteers website.

Famous people from different areas of public life, from the world of art, sports, science, stage, etc. always become goodwill ambassadors. For example, Angelina Jolie was a goodwill ambassador to the UN, and now the Olympic champion Daria Domracheva is. At UNICEF - singer Katy Perry.

Celebrity selection order

The ambassador's candidacy must be approved by the leadership of the international organization, for this it is necessary to fill out the nomination form and send it for consideration. A celebrity applying for the title of Goodwill Ambassador must have an excellent reputation, be respected in their field of activity, be famous, and must also communicate their thoughts well, be energetic and have the necessary knowledge. In addition, she must consent to the use of her talents, statuses in providing assistance and attracting global attention to the work of the organization she represents.

The appointment of a Goodwill Ambassador is announced in the media. After that, his socially useful activity begins.

So, in order to be a goodwill ambassador in this or that organization, for example, such as WHO, UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, you need to be a famous and outstanding person, thanks to your name and influence, to promote the goals and ideas of the organization you are the ambassador of.

Such a mission is entrusted to the ambassador by the head of an international organization for a period of 2 years, provided that the celebrity agrees to devote his time and energy to the activities of his organization. For a person of world fame, the title of Goodwill Ambassador is very significant.

But everything is very relative. The title of an ambassador can be deprived of goodwill if a person has become less famous or for some other reason. For example, in 2011, in the context of the events taking place in Libya, the contract with the daughter of the leader of the state, Muammar Gaddafi, Aisha, who, since 2009, has been implementing projects related to the fight against AIDS and violence against women, was terminated.

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