How To Pay For Judgments

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How To Pay For Judgments
How To Pay For Judgments

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On the basis of a court decision on debt collection, a writ of execution is drawn up, payments on which can be made in parts or in a single amount to the plaintiff's account. Forced debt collection is carried out through the bailiff service (Federal Law No. 229-F3).

How to pay for judgments
How to pay for judgments

It is necessary

  • - performance list;
  • - application to the accounting department;
  • - application to the bailiff service;
  • - Postal transfer;
  • - bank transfer.


Step 1

If you have been ordered to pay a debt, you can do so by transferring the entire amount in a single payment to the plaintiff's account. This type of execution of the judgment must be carried out by bank or postal order, so that there is confirmation of the transfers in the form of a receipt. If you transfer a debt to the plaintiff from hand to hand, receive a written receipt indicating the total amount and the date of repayment of the debt.

Step 2

The second option for the execution of a court order. Contact the accounting department at the place of work with a statement, present the original and a photocopy of the writ of execution, indicate the bank account number and home address of the plaintiff. You will be deducted from your salary on a monthly basis and transferred to the plaintiff.

Step 3

In case you do not have a permanent job or your income is irregular, you can make monthly transfers by post or bank transfer to the plaintiff's account. The minimum amount of transfers must be indicated in the writ of execution. This can be a lump sum or a percentage of the minimum wage that is in effect in the country at the time the claim is paid.

Step 4

The plaintiff has the right to contact the bailiff service if, within two months after the court ruling, the funds have not been credited to his account. Also, the plaintiff has the right to personally apply to your company in the accounting department and submit an application for debt collection by submitting the original and a photocopy of the writ of execution. If you have a bank account, on the basis of the plaintiff's application and the submitted writ of execution, the account can be arrested to pay off the amount owed by a court order.

Step 5

In the absence of work, bank accounts and personal transfers according to the writ of execution, the bailiff service has the right to make an inventory of your property with the subsequent sale to pay off the debt. If you do not have any property, you will be arrested to perform administrative work until the entire amount of the debt is paid off.

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