How To Send Your Resume By Email

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How To Send Your Resume By Email
How To Send Your Resume By Email

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Nowadays, the Internet can literally be called the main source of information about vacancies and a means of primary communication with the employer. In the overwhelming majority of cases, a response to a vacancy takes the form of an email to the employer with a resume attached to it. And it depends on this step whether further interaction with the candidate will take place.

How to send your resume by email
How to send your resume by email

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - mail program or browser;
  • - Email;
  • - employer's email address;
  • - CV in electronic form.


Step 1

All contacts of the employer, which he deems it necessary to disclose, can be found directly in the vacancy announcement. E-mail among them will be a must: often employers prefer not to make their phone public in order to protect themselves from calls by the majority of obviously unsuitable applicants (and there will always be much more of them than vacancies).

If the source of information about the vacancy is the company's website, the email address of its HR department should be either in the description of the specific vacancy or in the career section itself.

Your best bet is to copy it straight from the source and paste it into the desired field of the email.

Step 2

In the subject field, indicate what question you are asking about. For example: "Applying for a vacancy …" or "Resume for a position …".

The addressee should see that he received not spam, but an appeal on the topic of interest to him at the moment. Plus, this will give you a better chance of getting your email through the spam filter.

Step 3

Do not forget to attach a file with a resume to the letter using a special button ("Attach a file", "Attachement" or other similar in meaning).

Step 4

It has long been considered bad form to send an empty letter to an employer with a resume attached to it. Use the body of your message to include your cover letter. The purpose of this document is to convince the employer that it makes sense for him to spend time opening the file with the resume, and not immediately delete your message.

If you have nothing to say at all, you can use the option: “Hello! Please consider my candidacy for the vacant position … and familiarize yourself with my resume in the attached file. Yours faithfully, …"

Even this banal and formulaic version looks much better than a message without such text.

Step 5

Please check your email before sending it. Make sure there are no grammatical errors in the text. And if the language is not at ease (which in itself is not yet a crime, but in this case, mistakes are unacceptable), type it into MSWord. Speller, although not the best assistant, is even worse - even without him.

Check if you have attached a resume that is outdated or oriented to a different profession or position. If something is wrong, replace it.

Only when you are sure that everything is as it should be, the letter can be considered ready to be sent.

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