How To Reprimand An Employee

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How To Reprimand An Employee
How To Reprimand An Employee

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A reprimand is one of the types of disciplinary action along with reprimand and dismissal. The procedure for their application is stipulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. A reprimand is a rather serious measure that can entail fines and material punishment. A few reprimands can lead to dismissal.

How to reprimand an employee
How to reprimand an employee


Step 1

An offense that may entail a reprimand may be the commission of actions that are directly prohibited and specified in an employment contract, job description or other local act. Failure to perform the necessary actions that are stipulated in the specified documents or violation of labor discipline, failure to comply with the orders of the head or an administrative offense will also be considered an offense.

Step 2

If this happened, then the fact of violation of discipline must be documented in a memo addressed to the head of the organization or an act. In case of disclosure of confidential information or theft of the employer's property, the fact is documented by the decision of a specially created commission. The employee's acquaintance with these documents of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation is not provided.

Step 3

Request a written explanation of the incident from the employee. He must provide this explanation within two working days following the day on which the disciplinary offense occurred. The fact of the employee's refusal to provide explanations does not exempt him from receiving a reprimand and must be certified by an act with the signatures of at least three witnesses.

Step 4

If an explanation has been received, then the further actions of the management are to decide on the need to announce a reprimand and draw up an order or order about it. Such an order must be issued no later than a calendar month from the date the offense was committed. This period does not include the time when the employee was on vacation or was ill.

Step 5

The order or order on reprimand must be presented to the employee against signature no later than three days from the date of its signing by the management of the organization. If the employee refuses to sign the order, then an appropriate act is drawn up about this, signed by three witnesses.

Step 6

The record of the reprimand is not entered in the work book; it is removed automatically after a year. By order of the management, the reprimand can be removed earlier if the employee compensates for the committed disciplinary offense with his work and behavior.

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