How To Write A Petition To The Arbitration Court

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How To Write A Petition To The Arbitration Court
How To Write A Petition To The Arbitration Court

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A petition to an arbitration court is an oral or written request for the performance of a particular procedural action or the adoption of a decision on any issue. The participants in the case have the right to write a petition: the accused, the suspect or the persons who represent them under the law, as well as the defender, plaintiff, defendant, prosecutor, prosecutor or defense attorney.

How to write a petition to the arbitration court
How to write a petition to the arbitration court


Step 1

Formally, you can write a petition to the arbitration court right during the session, by hand on a piece of paper, but this can only be done in extreme and urgent cases. Its text can be presented in any form, but the document must be drawn up and executed in accordance with GOST R 6.60-2003. To write it, in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, you need to write on sheets of writing paper of standard A4 size.

Step 2

In its semantic essence, a petition is a statement of arguments explaining the reason for going to court. It is not necessary to refer to any rules of law in the case when the requirements set forth in it are legal and understandable. For example, if you apply to postpone the consideration of the cassation appeal. The court is obliged to accept such a document, consider it and make a determination as to whether the stated request is accepted or not.

Step 3

In the event that you believe that the court, when considering the case on the merits, does not perform all the necessary procedural actions provided for by law, the application must specifically set the task in the form of a clearly and competently stated request with references to the norms of the law. Formulate the options for fulfilling your request correctly and to the point. Your petition should in no way look like an attempt to tell the court what it should do. Don't cross the line between concrete persistence and formal recommendation.

Step 4

When writing a petition to the arbitration court, try to avoid grammatical and punctuation errors. When you don't trust your literacy, ask the person who writes correctly to check the text. Let him check not only mistakes, but also the entire text so that it is logically and consistently presented, understandable for perception.

Step 5

There is no single sample of petition, because each case from judicial practice is unique. But if your case is the simplest, then there are samples of requests to postpone the case or to consider the case in absence, etc. can be found on the internet. In general, in the head of the document, indicate the position, title, surname and initials of the judge, the name of the arbitration court and the number of the case. You should also indicate what the petition is about, formulating it in one sentence. Write the rest of the text according to the essence of your request.

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