How To Make A Vacation Schedule

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How To Make A Vacation Schedule
How To Make A Vacation Schedule

Video: How To Make A Vacation Schedule

Video: How To Make A Vacation Schedule
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Every employee working under an employment contract is entitled to an annual singed-out leave. According to labor law, each organization must have a vacation schedule (form No. T-7). This local regulatory document contains the sequence of their submission. Scheduling is mandatory for all companies.

How to make a vacation schedule
How to make a vacation schedule


Step 1

First, it should be noted that the vacation schedule must be drawn up no later than two weeks before the onset of the new calendar year. You should also take into account that this local regulatory act contains information not only about the main leaves, but also about additional ones that are provided to employees working with harmful and dangerous working conditions.

Step 2

When planning vacations, keep in mind that their duration must be at least the number of days established by Russian labor laws. For example, minors are entitled to 31 days of leave.

Step 3

Also, at the request of the employee, the vacation can be divided into parts, but one of them should not be less than 14 days. Leave can be granted after 6 months of continuous service.

Step 4

Of course, it is better to provide leave at the request of the employee. To do this, ask the staff to write statements with the desired vacation date. In the event that the staff is large enough, instruct the heads of divisions to collect information, and then "knock" them into the lists. You can also use specially designed questionnaires for collection.

Step 5

Remember that the wishes of some categories of employee must be taken into account first of all. These include: minors, pregnant women, spouses of military personnel, part-time workers, veterans and others.

Step 6

After the data is collected, proceed to drawing up the form No. T-7. The first thing you need to do is fill in the header of the document. To do this, indicate the full name of the organization, the OKPO code, the serial number of the document, the date of compilation and the year for which the schedule is drawn up.

Step 7

Below you will see a table with 10 columns. In the first, indicate the name of the structural unit in which the employee is listed, for example, transport. Then write his position according to the staffing table. In the third column, indicate the full name of the employee and then the personnel number. Enter information about the vacation in columns 5-10, while 8-10 is optional. Information is entered into them in case of postponement of vacation.

Step 8

Then sign the schedule with your HR manager. After that, this local regulatory document is approved by the heads of the organization, for this, at the beginning of the form there are lines where he must sign, make a decryption and indicate the date of approval (remember that the form must be approved no later than two weeks before the onset of the year).

Step 9

You can familiarize employees with this schedule, but this is optional. If you do decide to inform them, make an acquaintance sheet for it. Remember that you must inform the employee about the start of the vacation no later than two weeks before it begins.