How To Register An Extension

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How To Register An Extension
How To Register An Extension
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Registration of ownership rights to an extension depends on whether a permit was obtained for its construction or whether it was built illegally, that is, it is an unauthorized construction, for which it is necessary to obtain all documents permitting the registration of ownership rights.

How to register an extension
How to register an extension


  • - Your passport;
  • - available documents for the house;
  • - construction passport;
  • - permission of the chief architect of the district;
  • - an extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan;
  • - receipt of payment of state duty.


Step 1

If you have erected an extension to the main building on the basis of permits from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, you have a project and a sketch of the extension and utilities, then to register property rights you should submit documents to the FUGRTS.

Step 2

On the basis of Federal Law 122 on the registration of property rights, you must reissue the cadastral passport and cadastral plan in accordance with the changes made. To do this, contact the BTI, write a request to call a technician. Based on the performed technical work and a visual inspection of the attached premises, new technical documents will be prepared for you with the introduced plan and description of the extension, the cadastral plan and passport will be reissued.

Step 3

Get extracts from these documents, submit an application to the FUGRTS, pay the registration fee. After 30 days, your extension will be registered. Basically, you will receive a new title deed for the main building, which will include an extension.

Step 4

If the extension was built unauthorized, then you will have to carry out the procedure for registration of illegal construction, regulated by Federal Law 169, Article 222 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. If the extension was built before October 30, 20001, then you can use Federal Law 93 on a simplified registration procedure.

Step 5

To issue an extension on a general basis, if you built it after 2001, contact the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, apply for an extension.

Step 6

Call an architect. Based on the existing building, they will draw up a project, a sketch of an extension and engineering communications. Agree it with the district communal service, fire brigade, SES, administration. Submit the received approvals to the architecture department. On their basis, you will be given permission to legalize the extension. Since the extension is not the main building and all communications have been carried out according to the already existing permits, it is not necessary to coordinate them with the suppliers of energy resources and heat resources. Next, proceed with the registration in the usual way, as if you immediately received a permit for the construction of an extension.

Step 7

For a simplified design of the extension, contact the BTI immediately. Call a technician. Based on the inspection of the building, all the necessary documents will be drawn up for you, from which you will take extracts and register property rights with the FUGRTS.

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