How To Number Employment Contracts

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How To Number Employment Contracts
How To Number Employment Contracts
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The activities of any organization provide for the conclusion of labor contracts with its employees, which regulate the rights and obligations of both parties in strict accordance with Article 57 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. In order to build a clear accounting and control system, employees of organizations develop, implement and apply the method of numbering labor contracts, which was subsequently approved by their management, which contributes to the rapid search and receipt of the necessary information in the shortest possible time.

How to number employment contracts
How to number employment contracts


  • - Article 57 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - labor contracts;
  • - ball pen.


Step 1

Start with a careful study of Article 57 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, referring to the reference and legal system "ConsultantPlus". It contains detailed information about what constitutes an employment contract as a whole, as well as which sections and clauses it should contain.

Step 2

In the article of the law there is no direct indication or reference to the rules for keeping records and numbering of employment contracts. At first glance, the problem of solving this problem may seem complicated. Practice suggests otherwise.

Step 3

According to the letter of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment dated 09.08.2007, No. 3045-6-0, all organizations must keep records of the numbering of labor contracts. It follows from the letter that, based on the practice of keeping records of documents, the overwhelming majority of organizations number employment contracts, indicating first the serial number of the document, and then the numbers of the month or year corresponding to the date of its conclusion, where the year can consist of either four or the last two values. The numbers can be separated by a dot, a slash or a hyphen, which will not be of fundamental importance in this case.

Step 4

After reviewing the information obtained from legal sources, prepare a proposal and written justification for the management of the organization, in which you provide a clear plan according to which the numbering and recording of employment contracts will be maintained.

Step 5

Refer to the management of the organization with a prepared written proposal and a printed copy of the letter of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment dated 09.08.2007 No. 3045-6-0. If the head of the organization approves the proposed numbering scheme for contracts, proceed to practical work.

Step 6

Take all the employment contracts available in the organization that need to be numbered. Arrange them by date of imprisonment so that the earliest one is at the top. Keep in mind that every year the numbering of contracts is reset, i.e. starts with the first sequence number. Hand-number all employment contracts with a ballpoint pen, according to the scheme developed and approved by the manager. All meanings must be legible and uncorrected.

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