How To Keep Records Of Employment Contracts

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How To Keep Records Of Employment Contracts
How To Keep Records Of Employment Contracts

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Each firm employing specialists maintains a journal of employment contracts, which are stored in the archives of the enterprise. Keeping records of these documents is necessary for ease of use, streamlining, eliminating the cause of the loss of contracts, additional agreements. This magazine can be both in paper and electronic form.

How to keep records of employment contracts
How to keep records of employment contracts

It is necessary

  • - company documents;
  • - labor contracts, additional agreements;
  • - the form of the journal for the accounting of contracts.


Step 1

The journal for registration and accounting of contracts does not have a special form approved by legislative acts. You have the right to develop a document form yourself. There are some details that are required for the journal for recording employment contracts.

Step 2

The title page, as a rule, should contain information about the company where the employment contracts are kept. Write the title of the document in the middle in capital letters. Enter the name of the company. If the enterprise is large, it is more expedient to have a separate journal for each department (service). In this case, indicate the name of the structural unit. Write the date when the document was started. Enter the name of the position, personal data of the employee appointed in charge of registration, the conclusion of contracts with the staff of the company. In many organizations, this is done by a personnel officer.

Step 3

In Excel, create a table with eight columns. In the first column, indicate the serial number of the employment contract, in the second - the contract number assigned to it when the employee was registered for the position. In the third, fourth columns, write the terms of the contract, that is, the start date, end date. In the fifth column, write the subject of the contract. This could be a recruitment for the position of the head of the payroll department. That is, this column also indicates the name of the position where the employee is registered

Step 4

In the sixth column, indicate the personal data of the specialist with whom the employment contract has been concluded, an additional agreement has been drawn up. In the seventh column, indicate the number of the archive folder and its location. In the eighth place, sign the person in charge, his surname, initials. Print out the spreadsheet and keep track of employment contracts.

Step 5

Please note that employment contracts are important legal documents. When dismissing the responsible person, be sure to draw up an act of transfer of documentation. The newly hired employee will need to keep records of contracts in accordance with the requirements.

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