How To Keep Records Of Documents

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How To Keep Records Of Documents
How To Keep Records Of Documents
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The work book is the main document that confirms the fact of work in a particular company. Forms of new work books are issued by the employer. The personnel service keeps records of them in the corresponding book. The document on the movement of forms, booklet inserts was approved by Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No. 69.

How to keep records of documents
How to keep records of documents

It is necessary

  • - the form of the book of accounting of work books;
  • - company documents;
  • - forms of work books, inserts in them;
  • - company orders for personnel;
  • - documents of employees;
  • - staffing table;
  • - a document on the purchase of forms of work books;
  • - the order of the director on the appointment of a person responsible for keeping work books.


Step 1

The employer must keep the book on the accounting of work books without fail. Otherwise, legal norms are violated, administrative responsibility in the form of a fine is imposed. Therefore, be sure to get such a document if you intend to register employees in the company.

Step 2

On the title page of the book, write the full name of the company, which corresponds to the name of the organization prescribed in the charter, another constituent document. If the OPF (organizational legal form) of the company corresponds to an individual entrepreneur, indicate the passport details of the person registered as an individual entrepreneur. Enter the date the book was started. The shelf life of the document assumes 50 years, which is enshrined in the legislation. Count exactly this period and write the day, month, year until which you want to save the book.

Step 3

A responsible employee is appointed for maintaining the accounting book by the order (order) of the head of the organization. On the first page, indicate the period during which the personnel service employee enters information about work books, forms, inserts in them. Write your personal data, the position of the specialist, as well as the details of the administrative document, which provides for the responsibility for maintaining the accounting book.

Step 4

In the first column of the second page of the book, indicate the serial number, in the second, third, fourth columns, write the date when the work book form was started, filled in in accordance with the rules. When hiring a specialist who previously made entries in the document confirming his labor activity, enter the date, month, year of registration of the employee in the company.

Step 5

In the fifth column of the book, write the personal data of the employee, the owner of the work book. In the sixth column, enter the details of the document, namely: series, book number, insert in it. In the seventh column, indicate the name of the position of a specialist who received a new work book or handed over a completed document to the employer.

Step 6

In the eighth column of the accounting book, write the name of the company, department (service) where the employee is registered. In the ninth column, enter the number, date of the order, in accordance with which the employment contract was concluded. In the tenth column, the signature of the person in charge is put, who accepted the work book from the employee, started a new one. The eleventh column indicates the amount of the purchase of a blank form, which is collected from the specialist.

Step 7

In the twelfth, thirteenth columns, the number, the date of the order of dismissal, is entered, the signature of the employee, who is given a work book in his hands upon termination of employment, is put.

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