How To Evaluate A Leader

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How To Evaluate A Leader
How To Evaluate A Leader

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Evaluation of someone else's activity is most often quite subjective, but still there are clear criteria by which one can understand how effective the work of a manager is. How do you know how competent your boss is?

The boss's job is often looked for flaws
The boss's job is often looked for flaws


Step 1

Try to get rid of unnecessary emotions. If we like a person, his business shortcomings may seem insignificant, which means that the assessment will be incorrect. Conversely, it sometimes turns out that a boss who is reputed to be rude makes a huge contribution to the prosperity of the company.

Step 2

Drop stereotypes. It is believed that there are certain prerequisites for the success of a senior manager - he must be experienced, but not older than 50 years, have business connections, and so on. However, traditional criteria for assessing a specific person are not enough. And having a degree in economics does not guarantee success in, say, retail footwear.

Step 3

Determine the degree of your competence. If you are a front-runner in a company, you probably do not have enough information about how your boss is contributing to the development of the company. Look for data sources. Surely there are open reports on the work of your company, and in the electronic archives of the media there are interviews of its top officials.

Step 4

Once you've got the information you need, compare the company's economic performance before and after the arrival of your manager. Ideally, it would be a good idea to compare these statistics with those of your competitors.

Step 5

Assess the human factor. The efficiency of the chief's work is also the atmosphere in the team, the level of outflow and inflow of qualified personnel. Motivating staff is another challenge for a boss who values ​​human resources.

Step 6

Bring all the data obtained into a single table, evaluate the work of your boss for each of the points (for example, "sales volumes", "staff salary growth", "expansion of the company's scope of activity" for the reporting period, etc.), compare his performance with averages for top managers of the industry. As a result, you will get a clear, reliable picture of your manager's performance.

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