How To Evaluate Staff

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How To Evaluate Staff
How To Evaluate Staff

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Our employees are both our resource and our costs. We all know perfectly well that the more efficiently the resource is used, the greater the profit. In the case of the labor force, the situation is such that with an increase in the efficiency of the organization of the labor process, the cost of labor costs also decreases. Personnel assessment is necessary in order for the company to get rid of unnecessary employees and increase its efficiency.

How to evaluate staff
How to evaluate staff

It is necessary

  • - a pen
  • - paper
  • - a computer


Step 1

First of all, indicate the reporting period. When introducing the reporting period for the first time, it is recommended to use the free-form work progress report form for the last year. In it, employees indicate point by point what activity they have been engaged in during the year and what result they have achieved. Failures of employees are indicated in a separate column.

Step 2

After analyzing the employment of each employee individually, responsibilities are redistributed or staff redundant. The next step is the introduction of a timesheet, which is submitted daily to the person in charge. It could be an office manager. In this report card, the employee, with an accuracy of fifteen minutes, describes what he did during the working day.

Step 3

Introduced weekly progress reports. This is done in order to cross-check the performance of employees and compare them with the daily reporting sheets. In this case, the formation of the employment of employees and the redistribution of duties is greatly simplified.

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