How To Evaluate Staff Performance

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How To Evaluate Staff Performance
How To Evaluate Staff Performance
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For many years, a paradoxical trend has persisted in the labor market: progressive unemployment against the background of a falling professional level of personnel. In such conditions, it is extremely important to correctly evaluate the work of employees and constantly work to improve its effectiveness.

How to evaluate staff performance
How to evaluate staff performance

It is necessary

  • - professional assessment system;
  • - the employee's work plan;
  • - time sheet;
  • - assistance from recruiting agencies.


Step 1

Establish a clear system of evaluation criteria for each position. Use each employee's job description as a source for this document. Highlight the key qualities that determine the professionalism of the employee. Perform personnel certification periodically using the developed system. You can check the knowledge of staff using tests. Create a separate table for each, where key criteria will be assessed on a ten-point scale. Attach this table to the employee's personal file. At any convenient moment, you can follow the dynamics of his professional development.

Step 2

Professional knowledge and qualities are assessed by an employee only from one side. For you, as an employer, the efficiency of his work in your company is important. You can define it using a work plan. At the beginning of the reporting period, draw up a plan for each employee that includes the main tasks. Their implementation can be assessed in direct numerical terms (if we are talking, for example, about the volume of sales or purchases), or as a percentage. Try to draw up an adequate plan and be sure to assign bonuses for overfulfilling it.

Step 3

Include the factor of employee discipline in the personnel performance assessment system. Create a report card, which will record late arrivals and absenteeism. Such a report card can be kept by an office manager or secretary. In case of systematic violations of the operating mode, apply penalties.

Step 4

Many recruiting agencies offer a professional assessment of an employee's loyalty to the organization. Devotion to work, tolerance towards colleagues, respect from superiors, positive perception of the company's image, team spirit - all these phenomena are quite difficult to assess without special knowledge. Meanwhile, these qualities often come to the fore, because even the most disciplined professional will not work effectively if he feels negative about his work. Experts use a system of tests and team games to adequately assess the position of each employee.

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