How To Evaluate An Employee

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How To Evaluate An Employee
How To Evaluate An Employee

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It is quite simple to evaluate an employee who is engaged in manual labor - by the quantity and volume of work performed. But it is difficult to say how effective an employee who is engaged in intellectual work, for example, a programmer, is. Evaluation of labor efficiency in the age of information technology should be made according to other criteria.

How to evaluate an employee
How to evaluate an employee


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It is impossible to evaluate the work of a programmer by the number of completed tasks - the degree of their complexity can be different. If you introduce a complexity factor and multiply it by the amount of program code, then the estimate will also not be correct, because even in a simple task, you can increase the amount of code by introducing additional unnecessary logical branches that will significantly complicate it. Those. It is also impossible to use such an indicator as the amount of code to assess the effectiveness of programmers' work.

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Make the number of mistakes an employee makes in a job as one of the indicators of its quality. When a software product fully satisfies the user and its quality allows the development company to minimize its testing and support costs, you can say that the programmer's work was effective. If a software product was poorly debugged and the software solutions implemented in it were not properly tested, this leads to significant costs for the company, not only material, but also reputational.

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A programmer working in a software development team must take part in information exchange and share information with other developers. This applies to new technological solutions, convenient code constructions, successful implementations of one or another software functionality. His knowledge should help others, and he himself should be able to perceive the new practical ideas that other team members generate. Evaluate the employee's performance based on their communication skills and the useful information they provide to colleagues.

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Determine the value of an IT department employee by the extent to which he himself can generate ideas. Such employees do not need a detailed TOR and explanations to complete the work. These programmers themselves can find many ways to solve the problem, immediately analyze their effectiveness and choose the most optimal one. Employees of such a warehouse use non-trivial solutions and are not afraid of difficulties, they act as a locomotive, followed by everyone else.

Step 5

Also, use such criteria as code revision time to evaluate. The shorter it is, the more efficiently the employee works. This indicates that the design of the program is convenient, the names of the variables are clear, the logic is transparent, and the code itself is implemented at a high quality level. For teamwork, this is a very important indicator, since it allows you to quickly understand the logic of the program and read the code, if necessary, to revise it, not only to the author, but also to another programmer.

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