Who Is An Economist

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Who Is An Economist
Who Is An Economist

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An economist at an enterprise is a specialist whose activities are aimed at improving the efficiency of an organization. To achieve this goal, the economist analyzes financial and economic activities and is engaged in planning.

Who is an economist
Who is an economist

Profession economist

Wanting to find out what kind of profession an economist is, who it is and what he does, it is worth turning to the concept of "economics". Economics is a science that studies economic activity and everything connected with it. Thus, the profession of an economist implies the study, analysis and forecasting of the economic activity of a particular economic entity. It is economists who are responsible for the financial performance of an enterprise.

In many ways, the profession of an economist is close to such professions as accountant, financier, and marketing. In small enterprises, the duties of these specialists can be performed by the same employee, whose position will most likely be called an accountant. Large enterprises usually have entire economic departments, which can also be called planning or commercial.

Only a person with a specialized education can hold the position of an economist, since an economist needs to understand many things to work. So, you just need a good knowledge of accounting and management accounting, audit, economic theory, marketing, statistics, analysis of financial and economic activities. Knowledge of tax and labor legislation will be useful. In addition, an economist must understand the specifics of the enterprise, understand its nuances.

Obligations of an economist

The main duty of an economist is to analyze the economic activity of his enterprise according to a number of indicators. Such analysis provides an opportunity to look at the organization's performance through numbers. This makes it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses, to find reserves for increasing the efficiency of the enterprise and its specific structures.

Another of the most important responsibilities of an economist is making a forecast for the future, based on today's indicators. Planning is necessary for management accounting purposes. Based on the data received from the economist, the head of the enterprise makes management decisions such as whether to take out a loan for the enterprise (in what amount and for how long), reduce or recruit employees, increase additional production capacity, etc. The economist receives information for analysis and planning from special forms of accounting and operational accounting.

If we explain in simple words what an economist does, then his activities are aimed at increasing the efficiency of the enterprise, at reducing costs and increasing income.

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