How To Draw Up An Act

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How To Draw Up An Act
How To Draw Up An Act

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An act is a document that fixes an event or state at a specific point in time. It contains background information, and sometimes conclusions, recommendations. Acts are drawn up in the case of acceptance and transfer of documents or valuables, performance of work, during the liquidation of an enterprise, write-off of goods and in many other cases when it is required to record the exact state of the object under discussion. In order to properly draw up an act, you should know some rules that will help draw up a document in accordance with the standards adopted in office work.

How to draw up an act
How to draw up an act


Step 1

At the top of the sheet, indicate the full name and details first of the ordering company, and then of the executing organization. Write the name of the document "ACT" in the center of the sheet. Indicate the place and date of drawing up the act, its number in accordance with the rules for registering documentation adopted at the enterprise.

Step 2

In the title, briefly indicate the content of the document. This can be the execution of work, inventory, etc. Provide the reasons for the activation. Most often this is an order or order of the head of the enterprise. List the members of the commission (if it was created) appointed to activate this event, arranging the names in descending order (in accordance with the positions held), starting with the chairman of the commission.

Step 3

In the main part of the document, describe the facts established during the event and conclusions about the state of affairs at a given point in time. Here it is most convenient to use a tabular form to place a list of goods or services, their cost, which must be recorded in the act.

Step 4

In the final part of the act, place the final figures (quantity, volume, amount). Do not forget to highlight VAT on a separate line to simplify subsequent accounting calculations. Under the summary, place the conclusions and recommendations of the commission.

Step 5

At the bottom of the sheet, leave a place for the signatures of the commission members with a full transcript of the full name, if the act is an internal document of the enterprise. If the event concerns two enterprises, then there will be signatures of persons authorized by the contracting parties, indicating their positions.

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