What Documents Are Needed To Conclude Contracts

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What Documents Are Needed To Conclude Contracts
What Documents Are Needed To Conclude Contracts

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Many citizens and businesses conclude various contracts almost every day. They can be oral or written. When it comes to a contract concluded on paper, it is important not only to familiarize yourself with its terms, but also to check the eligibility of the counterparty.

Be careful when concluding a contract
Be careful when concluding a contract

It is necessary

passport; - documents of title to property; - TIN certificate; -the text of the contract


Step 1

If the contract with the company is concluded by an individual, make sure that the representative of the counterparty has all the necessary powers for this. When the contract is signed by the head on behalf of the enterprise, read the document confirming his appointment (election) to the position. If the company has entrusted the conclusion of the contract with another authorized person (deputy, manager, branch manager, etc.), look at his power of attorney. In the event that the subject of the contract requires the availability of permits, ask to also show their copies.

Step 2

When an individual concludes an agreement with an individual entrepreneur, ask to show his passport and registration certificate.

Step 3

If, under the terms of the agreement, a company or entrepreneur will make payments in favor of an individual, provide them with a copy of your passport and TIN certificate. They are necessary for taxing payments made.

Step 4

When concluding agreements between legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, you may additionally need: copies of constituent, registration and permissive documents in the current edition, financial reporting data (in particular, balance sheet), documents confirming registration with a tax or other state body, etc. …

Step 5

If you conclude an agreement with an individual, ask him to present his passport or other identity document. When drawing up a contract, the subject of which is real estate or a vehicle, familiarize yourself with the documents of title to them. In some cases, the consent of the second spouse is also required to conclude a contract. This applies to cases where property is acquired or alienated in marriage.

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