How To Legalize A Garage

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How To Legalize A Garage
How To Legalize A Garage

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As you know, many built garages are cooperative, that is, they are located in garage-building cooperatives (GSK), and this is the cheapest method of building a garage. But at the same time, this garage is not your property from a legal point of view, and you are selling your membership in a cooperative, not a garage, when you resell.

How to legalize a garage
How to legalize a garage

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Step 1

If you have not registered the ownership of the cooperative garage, then you should make sure that the cooperative has completed the necessary documents that will confirm the legality of the construction of garages. The registration of these documents should be dealt with by the chairman of the garage cooperative.

Step 2

In order to draw up the relevant documents for your place in the cooperative, you should check with the chairman of the corporate party whether all the documents have been drawn up, if there are no documents, then it is necessary to raise the issue of changing the chairman of the cooperative. When everything is in order, then the following list of documents will be needed to issue a certificate of ownership:

- certificate of payment of the share contribution;

- certificate of membership in GSK, - technical documentation from the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory);

- a certificate confirming that the building was erected in an economic way and, accordingly, put into operation.

Step 3

The owner of the garage - a member of the cooperative with all the collected documents comes to the district state administrations, where subsequently the certificate of ownership is issued.

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