How To Legalize A Dacha

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How To Legalize A Dacha
How To Legalize A Dacha

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To legalize a dacha for which there are no documents, you can use Federal Law No. 93-F3, which allows you to register property rights in a simplified manner. To do this, you need to collect the necessary package of documents and contact the FUGRC.

How to legalize a dacha
How to legalize a dacha

It is necessary

  • - an extract from the household book;
  • - cadastral documents for a summer cottage and a house;
  • - passport;
  • - application to FUGRTS;
  • - a receipt for the registration of property rights.


Step 1

If you received a summer cottage before 2001 and do not have any documents for it, you need to obtain a unified form at the registration center, apply with an application, a passport and the received form to the local administration or the board of a gardening friend and get an extract from the household book. This statement confirms that you are a user of a summer cottage and make annual membership fees for the use of the land received.

Step 2

To register ownership of a summer cottage, you need to delimit it and put it on a single state record in the Center for Land, Cadastre and Cartography. For surveying, contact the indicated center with an application, an extract and your passport. An engineering and technical staff will come to you to carry out a list of necessary work. Based on these works on the site, you will receive technical documents that must be presented to the FUZKK. Prepare a written act of approval of the marked boundaries of the suburban area with users or owners of adjoining territories.

Step 3

Based on the submitted documents, your site will be assigned a single cadastral number, and a cadastral passport will be issued. Get extracts from cadastral documents, on the basis of which the state registration of property rights will be carried out.

Step 4

If a country house is built on your site, then contact the BTI, call a technical officer. Your building will be inspected, a technical plan will be drawn up for it and cadastral documents will be drawn up, from which extracts will be required for registering property rights.

Step 5

Submit all documents and their photocopies to FUGRTS, write an application, submit a passport, pay for state registration of property rights. In one month, you will be the legal owner of the suburban area.

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