How To Organize A Literary Evening

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How To Organize A Literary Evening
How To Organize A Literary Evening

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In order to preserve the cultural heritage, monuments and museums are created, books are printed, etc. Literary evenings are one of the methods of introducing the population to culture and art. Unlike meetings where contemporary authors are invited, evenings are devoted to the literature of the past and require more preparation.

How to organize a literary evening
How to organize a literary evening

Choosing a venue and theme for the evening

Most often, literary evenings are dedicated to anniversaries, for example, the centenary of the birth of a poet or writer. But you can even, without waiting for the anniversary, arrange an evening in memory of a specific literary figure or devote to a whole genre - for example, love lyrics in verse.

The venue is chosen to be a library, a house-museum, an assembly hall of a school or theater. The room is decorated with portraits of poets and writers according to the theme. A literary evening can even be spent at home for close friends, but the atmosphere should be cozy and conducive to conversation. To turn the apartment into a literary club, you can decorate the tables with a dense green tablecloth, and the lamps - with a red lampshade.

Having chosen a topic, it is necessary to carefully study the biography of the hero (or heroes) of the evening, focusing on the remarkable moments. Invitation cards are prepared in advance on beautiful paper. For a complete immersion in the era of the past, it is recommended to purchase costumes and related attributes. You can rehearse and present to the public scenes from some of the works.

If possible, guests of the evening are seated at the table (or tables). It is necessary to take care of soft drinks (tea, coffee) and light treats. Any evening must have a presenter in an exquisite suit and with a pleasant speech. The rest of the participants should practice the skill of expressive art reading in order to read excerpts from the works.

A sample script for a literary evening

The monotonous enumeration of the facts of the biography of a literary personality is not to anyone's liking. When developing the scenario of the evening, it is necessary to consider the active participation of the audience. Question-and-answer conversations and collaborative philosophical discourse are great. You can interest listeners if you draw a parallel between the work of that time and the problems of modern life.

After the biography, there should be an acquaintance with the work of the chosen poet or writer. Dressed in appropriate costumes, the participants read out poems, act out scenes, etc.

Games, contests and romances are designed to revive the evening. Transform your space into a secular salon. Guitar romances and games should follow the general theme. You can invite guests to play forfeits. In a top hat (or any beautiful thick bag), they put notes with assignments according to the topic. Each one in turn pulls out a note and completes the task.

Finally, you can give out small souvenirs: postcards, calendars with the image of the hero (s) of the evening, and so on. It will be interesting for children to draw their own impressions in order to make an exhibition from the drawings. Instead of drawings, you can make a piggy bank of impressions - a large glass cube or a beautiful box, where notes with impressions and opinions about how the work of this or that writer influenced the life of society will be added. To keep the sticky notes consistent, guests should be given sheets of paper that are the same size, color, or style.

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