How To Find A Company By Name

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How To Find A Company By Name
How To Find A Company By Name

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Finding an address or other information about a company is not so easy, knowing only its name, especially if it is not very well known in wide circles. However, this is feasible in several ways.

How to find a company by name
How to find a company by name


Step 1

Information about a particular company, which is not confidential, is provided to the tax office. You are required to send a request in the established form to the inspection, as well as pay a state fee. Nevertheless, one name for the National Assembly is not enough. You also need to know the main state registration number (OGRN) assigned to the company, as well as the taxpayer identification number, that is, TIN.

Step 2

In the event that you do not have such data, or you only need to find out the address of the company, use the Internet search. It is recommended to look for a company using such official sites as, for example, To narrow your search, you can use the services of regional sites for the same purpose.

Step 3

You need to fill in a special form on the site with the data available to you, then click on the "Find" button. After that, you will receive a statement, but only if such a company is active and the data entered by you is sufficient.

Step 4

Contact the help desk of the city in which the organization you are looking for operates. However, there may be more than one company with the same name in a particular locality. Then it is better for you to find out in advance using the same Internet the location of the company, the name of the owner, well, or, in extreme cases, the industry in which this organization operates.

Step 5

You can purchase a specialized printed catalog and search for information about the company there, or look at Internet sites containing information about those companies that are in the city. In both print and online catalogs, all information is systematized by industry and alphabetically, so you won't have to search for a long time (of course, if the company appears in the list).

Step 6

If the company has changed its location or form of ownership, then the matter becomes more complicated. This may indicate that the entrepreneur who owns the company is dishonest. This is often done by those who are hiding from taxes or from the righteous anger of deceived clients. In this case, it is better to go to court yourself or hire a lawyer to draw up a statement of claim, taking into account all the details.

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