How To Convince A Buyer

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How To Convince A Buyer
How To Convince A Buyer

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Convincing a customer to buy a product is not so easy, especially when he has doubts about something. Each customer requires an individual approach, therefore, there can be no clear instructions to convince absolutely all customers. But there are several rules that will significantly help you persuade a customer to purchase a product. Moreover, it is likely that he will want to return for the next purchase to you.

When everyone is happy with the purchase
When everyone is happy with the purchase


Step 1

Greetings are an important part of customer service. Any customer, coming to the store in a good or bad mood, is looking for communication. The salesperson's friendly smile will never be superfluous. Obsessive helpfulness is not meant by this. Over the course of some time, the client must get comfortable in the store, feel that he has come to the right place. This usually takes about five minutes. After this time, a verbal greeting and an unobtrusive conversation on an abstract topic will be perceived more adequately, and not with the thought that the seller "came to impose something." During the greeting, contact is established with the buyer, the barrier for further communication is removed.

Step 2

Identifying needs.

After a positive contact is established, it is time to find out his needs. A potential buyer is only concerned about two things - himself and his benefit. It is very important to understand when communicating with a client exactly what benefits he wants to get from the product. Further, as a rule, a specific product is offered that best meets the needs of the client. You just need to ask him to clarify what exactly he needs, and more specifically - to ask. Questions are asked according to the "funnel" principle: first, the general circumstances and attitude towards the product as a whole are clarified, and then the specification and clarification of details that will help to identify the buyer's interest. At this stage, the main task of the sales assistant is to listen to what the client wants.

Step 3

Based on the identified needs of the buyer, the seller proceeds to the presentation of the product. A presentation, in turn, is nothing more than stimulating the interest and readiness of the client to buy a product by creating an effective image. It reveals the technical capabilities of the product, specific functions, advantages over other models, and provides statistical data. All this is based on the needs of the client, his requirements for the product. In other words, a presentation is most often successful if it meets the following formula: product properties + connecting phrase + customer benefit.

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