How To Convince Your Boss To Raise The Salary

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How To Convince Your Boss To Raise The Salary
How To Convince Your Boss To Raise The Salary

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Most managers believe that if an employee does not ask for a wage increase, then he does not need it. And being just a qualified and disciplined employee is not enough to increase salaries, you still need to convince the boss to raise the salary.

How to convince your boss to raise the salary
How to convince your boss to raise the salary


Step 1

Make a negotiation plan. Your main task is to justify the benefits that the organization and personal leadership will receive from fulfilling your request. Think over the options for possible objections and formulate your answers to them.

Step 2

Choose the right moment and reason for the request. For example, due to a new project, your job responsibilities have increased. Or, as a result of your actions, the company's profit has increased (as an option, budget savings are evident). In a word, the reason must be justified, it is best to confirm it with specific numbers.

Step 3

Prepare yourself mentally for the conversation: instill in yourself that you are not going to beg, but to invite the company's management to pay for your work in accordance with the real offers on the labor market.

Step 4

For negotiations, dress as solidly as possible for your position. Be confident and calm. According to statistics, these simple rules will increase the possibility of a positive decision by 25%.

Step 5

Don't start a conversation when emotionally agitated. Do not use phrases - "I work harder and get less" or "I will go to a competitor." Most likely this will lead to the exact opposite result.

Step 6

Be sure to clearly define the amount you want and be sure to voice it in a conversation so that you don't end up with a ridiculous increase in your salary.

Step 7

Save the most important argument for last, as you know - the latter is remembered better. If you voice all the arguments at the beginning of the conversation, the topic may become blurred. If you repeat the same phrases often, you will be perceived as a complainer with an obsession.

Step 8

Try to get a specific answer to your request. Even if it is negative, it is better to have some idea of ​​your future income. At the very least, you will know whether you need to look for a new job or stay in the old one for now.

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