How To Get Your Boss To Raise His Salary

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How To Get Your Boss To Raise His Salary
How To Get Your Boss To Raise His Salary

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If you ask employees about how satisfied they are with their salary, many of them will note that they are not entirely satisfied with it. If you have such a feeling, then you should not just sit and wait for the management to guess about the discontent ripening in your soul. This is unlikely to happen. But you can try to get your boss to raise the salary yourself.

How to get your boss to raise his salary
How to get your boss to raise his salary


Step 1

Raising wages is a fact, not only pleasant in itself, but also evidence of the successful development of your career and professional growth. Therefore, even if you are quite happy with how much you get, but this amount has not changed for a long time, talk to your manager about the promotion. Immediately refuse to motivate the request with some of your difficulties and problems. The reason for the increase in wages can only be your professional growth or the expansion of the area of ​​responsibility.

Step 2

First, think about how you can optimize your work, improve its quality and volume. Make it so that this increase is noticeable and it would be impossible not to pay attention to it. Work overtime without asking for payment, but documenting your overtime. Don't forget to check in the logs.

Step 3

Demonstrate your knowledge and breadth of mind to managers in those matters that are not directly within your competence, but are urgent for your company. Let's understand that you are ready to take on additional tasks, and that you are not afraid of responsibility.

Step 4

Do not be afraid of mistakes if you are entrusted with the execution of a business that is new to you. Feel free to consult with more experienced staff. You can turn to the manager for help only if you can offer several options for ready-made interesting solutions. In this case, you will be able to demonstrate not your ignorance or indecision, but creativity and competence.

Step 5

Continuously learn, master new techniques and technologies, keep abreast of innovations in the field in which you work. Feel free to demonstrate your knowledge and willingness to expand on them.

Step 6

If you feel ready to start talking about a salary increase, prepare a report or certificate on how useful you are to your company, how much profit your activity brings. Such "self-promotion" can also affect the fact that the management will not refuse you and increase your salary.

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