How To Motivate A Manager

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How To Motivate A Manager
How To Motivate A Manager

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Probably, every head of an organization at some time faces the question of how to motivate a manager to make his work more effective and efficient. In general, motivation is what a manager is willing to work for. Knowing the motivation of your employees can help you solve many work problems.

How to motivate a manager
How to motivate a manager


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Of course, one of the strongest motivations is material. It is important, when recruiting staff, to determine in advance how strong this motivation is among your employees, especially if they are sales managers. However, when developing a motivation system, one must focus not on a temporary sharp increase in sales, but on building a competent management system.

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In order for motivation to work, it must include not just the employee's payment of percent of the profits brought, but also a number of other equally important components, ranging from the organization of the workplace and the formation of a comfortable climate in the team, ending with the development of a clear system of bonuses for employees.

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Bonuses or interest for overfulfillment of the plan perfectly motivates managers, moreover, it is advisable not to set an "upper bar": the higher the result of the work, the higher the payments should be.

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Sometimes the motivating factor can be the introduction of a competitive element into the work, either between employees or between departments.

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It is important for a leader to learn to determine which motivators will work in his organization. Many companies include the following components in their compensation package: payment for employee travel to the place of work, subsidies for food, loan provision, payment for mobile communications, voluntary medical insurance, the possibility of corporate classes in sports complexes, and much more.

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Nevertheless, one should not forget that for many the motivator is the work itself, its content, tasks and responsibilities that are assigned to the manager, the recognition of the results of his work and the assessment of his contribution to the development of the company by the management.

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