How To Motivate Distributors

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How To Motivate Distributors
How To Motivate Distributors

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One of the main keys to the success of any sales organization is the motivation of employees (distributors). The leader should devote most of his time to this aspect. It is important to know the main ways to motivate employees.

How to motivate distributors
How to motivate distributors


Step 1

Motivate your employees with commissions. People go to any business for the sake of money. This is the main goal and it is difficult to argue with it. Only then do they think about the benefits of the sales process itself. You need to make sure that your distributor gets the first profit as soon as possible and gets a taste of money.

Step 2

Provide personal training to your employee. Do your best to make him make money in the first week of his activity. Set a goal of $ 200-300. This will be enough for him to feel all the charm of doing business. If necessary, attend the product presentation with him. Do debriefing at the end of the meeting so that he does not repeat mistakes in the future.

Step 3

Build "promotions" in your distribution team. Announce that this month's top seller will receive a free trip to an expensive resort in the Mediterranean or $ 1,000 in cash from the company. All this will force your charges to work hard to get the desired "promotion", as well as commissions from sales. The more often you make such moves, the more sales surge you will see.

Step 4

Remind constantly about the main goal and mission of your organization. A distributor will be well motivated only if his tasks coincide with those of the company. Explain to him that the business will benefit from having successful employees. Show him the benefits of hard work that will keep him from sitting down for a minute. These can be passive income, expensive gifts, or training from the top leaders of the company.

Step 5

Praise your employees. Most people get very little recognition by working for someone. To make your distributors comfortable to work with your organization, you need to praise them as often as possible for the goals they have achieved. But that shouldn't be over-flattering. Be sure to explain why you chose to recognize them in this case.

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