How To Read The Materials In Court

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How To Read The Materials In Court
How To Read The Materials In Court

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In accordance with current legislation, persons participating in the case can get acquainted with the case materials, make extracts from them, make photocopies or photocopies. This right is enshrined in Article 35 of the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. It is quite easy to get acquainted with the materials of the case in court.

How to read the materials in court
How to read the materials in court


Step 1

Write an application for familiarization with the case materials. At the top of the document, indicate the name of the court, the name of the judge in whose proceedings the case is, the number of the case itself, if known. Write your last name, first name and patronymic, address at the place of registration or place of actual residence, contact phone number.

Step 2

In the main part of the document, in free form, indicate your desire to familiarize yourself with the case materials. Explain, if required, what the case is (who is the plaintiff and the defendant, the subject of the claim, or provide other data that will help identify the case). In order not to create additional difficulties for yourself in the future, it is better to immediately indicate that you will not only get acquainted with the documents, but also make copies.

Step 3

If you are acting under a power of attorney, attach a copy of it to your application for review of the case file. If a copy of the power of attorney is already in the file, there is no need to make another copy. Just indicate this fact in the text of the statement. Sign, decipher it, indicate the current date. Have your passport with you in case it becomes necessary to certify your right to familiarize yourself with the case.

Step 4

Get the judge's signature on the application. To do this, contact the assistant judge (it will be faster) or the court office. If the case is filed and is in the archive, you can receive it on the same day, literally in a few minutes. If not, you will be assigned a day to review the case file.

Step 5

In accordance with the rules established for the courts, the familiarization procedure assumes that you will be escorted to a special room designed for acquaintance with the materials, and you will be looked after by a bailiff (court official). In fact, these rules are rarely followed. Check with the court staff where you can read the case.

Step 6

If you intend to make copies, please bring your own copier or camera. Every copy the court has made for you costs money. And it is necessary to pay the state fee for it at the cash desk of Sberbank, which can be extremely inconvenient, and if you have to make a lot of copies, it is also expensive.

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