How To Check Citizenship

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How To Check Citizenship
How To Check Citizenship

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According to the general rule established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, evidence of a person's citizenship of the Russian Federation or citizenship of another country is a passport of a citizen of Russia or a passport of a citizen of another state, and in addition, any official documents containing indications of citizenship.

How to check citizenship
How to check citizenship


Step 1

In practice, the presence of an indication in a passport often does not fully indicate citizenship. So, according to 2010 data, the migration service of the Russian Federation identified about sixty-five thousand people who have a passport of a Russian citizen, but do not have Russian citizenship. All passports were seized, and their owners had to prove their citizenship in court.

Citizenship verification, as a rule, does not cause problems, but if you have a passport, it casts doubt on its authenticity or the authenticity of the citizenship data indicated in it.

Step 2

You can check the citizenship of Russia by a written application of a specific person whose citizenship is being checked, or at the request of a state body in the territorial body of the migration service of the Russian Federation at the last place of residence of the person. Moreover, if a person has changed his passport data, then the citizenship check will be carried out on all data (original and changed).

Step 3

Verification of the citizenship of another state or the presence of dual citizenship can also be carried out at the territorial body of the migration service or directly at the consulate or representative office of a foreign state on the territory of Russia.

And there, and there you may have to pay a state fee or consular fee.

Step 4

It should be borne in mind that almost all consulates and representative offices of foreign states on the territory of Russia will in any case check the citizenship of the Russian Federation when:

• the passport is expired or lost, but the original of the internal passport is missing;

• a child for whom a Russian passport is issued does not have proof of citizenship (usually documentary).

In this case, a consular fee will be charged, set at each consulate and representative office at its own discretion.

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