How To Change A Damaged Passport

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How To Change A Damaged Passport
How To Change A Damaged Passport

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A citizen of Russia is obliged to carefully keep his main document, but in life anything can happen: a document can be gnawed by a beloved puppy, a child can paint it with felt-tip pens, it can be sent to wash in the breast pocket of a windbreaker … In a word, if your passport has become unusable, you need to change it.

How to change a damaged passport
How to change a damaged passport

It is necessary

  • - photos;
  • - pay the state fee;
  • - personal documents.


Step 1

Take two 35x45 mm full face color or black and white photographs. If you intend to receive a temporary identity card of a citizen of the Russian Federation for the period of paperwork, take 4 photos.

Step 2

Pay the state fee on the form No. PD-4sb (tax). In the column "Purpose of payment" indicate: "State duty for the issuance of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation." The amount of the duty and payment details will need to be clarified in advance.

Step 3

Contact the authorities of the FMS of Russia (passport office) at your place of residence (stay). Take with you photographs, a receipt for payment of the duty, a birth certificate and other documents necessary for putting the obligatory marks on the form of a new passport: military ID, marriage certificate / divorce, birth certificates of children under 14 years old, etc. Do not forget also take a worn-out passport - it will need to be returned.

Step 4

Fill out the application form for the issuance of a standard passport. Fill out the application legibly by hand, or download the form, fill it out in a text editor and print it. Indicate “unfit for further use” as the reason for replacing the passport.

Step 5

Submit all collected documents along with the application to an authorized officer of the FMS. Obtain a Temporary Citizen ID if you need it and wait 10 days. If you applied not at your place of residence, but at the place of stay, the waiting period may take up to 2 months.

Step 6

Come to the FMS for a new passport at the appointed time. Carefully review the document issued to you. If the document contains any inaccuracies, please return it for correction. In this case, you will not be charged a second state duty.

Step 7

Put samples of your personal signature on the form of a correctly issued passport and in the application for the issuance (replacement) of a passport, indicating the date of receipt of the new document. Return the temporary certificate, if you received it, to the FMS employee and take the documents that you handed in for stamping from him, along with a brand new passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

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