How To Replace A Damaged Passport

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How To Replace A Damaged Passport
How To Replace A Damaged Passport

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No one is insured against the fact that his main document - a passport - can be damaged, and to such an extent that it will need to be changed. Any replacement of a passport, whether planned or forced, is a long and troublesome procedure. But to facilitate it, a special administrative regulation has been developed.

How to replace a damaged passport
How to replace a damaged passport

It is necessary

  • - a receipt for payment of the state duty;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - marriage certificate (if any);
  • - photos;
  • - application for a replacement passport;
  • - old passport.


Step 1

In order to start the procedure for replacing a damaged passport, you will need to do three things: pay a fee, take a picture and collect a set of documents. In this case, you will also need to provide a damaged passport. In the absence of any problems with personal identification, your meetings with passport officers will be limited to two visits (filing documents and obtaining a new passport). Please note that replacing a passport due to an improper type of document or damage to it may require payment of not only a fee, but also a fine (usually 100-300 rubles), although often everything is limited to an oral warning. Alternatively, you can indicate as the reason not damage, but the loss of the passport.

Step 2

Take a photo and prepare two color photos (black and white can be used) 35x45 mm in size. You will need two more photos to issue a temporary ID (if you need one). At the passport office you will be given a form according to which you will pay the state fee (be sure to check all the details). To contact the passport office, you will need the following documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, the presence of children, receipts for payment of duties, photographs and some other documents that may be required at the passport office.

Step 3

Write a statement about the damage to your passport and, along with the rest of the necessary documents, hand it over to the FMS officer. The application can be written by hand or printed out and filled out. The waiting period for a new document can vary from 10 days to two months (depending on the place and circumstances of applying for a new passport).

Step 4

After a certain period of time, come to the passport office for your passport. You will be asked to sign the replacement application and the passport itself. Examine the new document carefully for any inaccuracies or errors. If they are found, you will not pay the state duty again. Submit your temporary ID, if you had one. Do not forget to pick up all the documents provided to the passport officer.

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