How To Replace A Passport At 45

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How To Replace A Passport At 45
How To Replace A Passport At 45

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In our country, under the current legislation, a citizen is obliged to change his passport several times in his life. As a rule, these are the terms determined for everyone, with the exception of isolated cases when changing the surname or other data. The last age at which the old passport is replaced with a new one is 45 years. What is the correct way to replace such an important document?

How to replace a passport at 45
How to replace a passport at 45


Step 1

Do not delay applying for a change of passport. Unfortunately, very often people simply forget that they are waiting for a replacement document. Otherwise, banks will refuse to give you loans and open accounts for you. And at the very change, a fine, explanatory notes and, with a particularly long delay, an administrative reprimand await you. The normal application deadline is 30 calendar days.

Step 2

Check with the passport office or any other local government agency responsible for issuing passports and accepting applications in your area for a list of documents you need. If you arrived on time, then you will be required to take two portrait photographs without corners on a matte background measuring 3, 5 by 4, 5 cm, an application for a change of passport and the passport itself.

Step 3

Collect all missing documents if you have a significant delay in the submission deadline. Pay your fine through Sberbank, write an explanatory letter. Under certain conditions, you can avoid these procedures, but in such situations it is necessary to consult a lawyer.

Step 4

Pay the duty to the state at Sberbank branches. The amount of the fee should not be more than half a thousand rubles. Usually its cost is equal to 200 rubles.

Step 5

Take all collected documents to the passport officer. When writing an application at the passport office, you will be asked to either fill out the form by hand with a black pen, or dial it from a specialist via a computer. The second way is more convenient, but some additional payment will be charged for it.

Step 6

In return for the papers handed over, receive a receipt with a list of all the documents that were accepted from you. Check with your passport officer for the date of obtaining a new passport. And also take a phone number by which you can find out if your document arrived on time.

Step 7

Call a couple of days before the specified date. Perhaps your document is already waiting for you. At the same time, ask your passport officer where and when you can pick it up.

Step 8

Take your passport.

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